I’m sitting here on Tuesday night, the Red sox just defeated the Yankees 3 games to 1…  In my mind i can picture the 14 year old version of me being so happy and excited to report this…. however call it getting older or perhaps the fact that all of my brothers are currently not getting any sleep and are completely torn to bits.. it felt like that vintage 90’s yankee magic.. i felt it in 2000 the yankees never die…. everything always seems to go their way…. however sitting here after it didn’t go their way i feel nothing…. and i think the reason for this is for the first time in yankee history its extremely hard to find a “bad guy” on this team… let me explain… you had ROGAH CLEMENS… Nick swisher…. Arod (at times)…. lets not forget they took our boys strawberry and Gooden and sucked the very last ounce of ability out of them….. i remember sitting their as a kid when our guy David cone was crying on the mound wearing pinstripes… i just don’t have that feeling anymore… The hate is gone perhaps I’m getting soft or perhaps the Red Sox have balanced the D-bag force… i wanna quickly breakdown a few position players and pitchers to better explain this point….


Catcher: Gary Sanchez VS. león, Blake, and Vazquez:

Perhaps its because yankee fans as a whole don’t fully appreciate a catcher that can hit the way Gary does.. maybe it was because the fan base called for his head in mid summer when his “lack of hustle” cost them a game… i have grown a soft spot for Gary… I met with Sparky Lyle, who was an amazing Red Sox and Yankee…  i was at a work meeting at a minor league game and he walked into our box.. i spent the next 20 min personally interviewing him… He wanted Gary to be benched after not hustling and to be sent down to the minors after the game.. he said he “would never pitch to a man that did that to me”  he would have yelled to his coach to remove Gary or remove me… I couldn’t argue with Sparky and i 100% could see his point of view.. but now a days catchers are so hard to find (just ask the NYM)… not to mention a catcher who in his rookie season hit 20 homers in the span of a 2 months.. 53 games to be exact and to follow the next season with 30 dingers… i just can quit on a guy even if he quit on a play… like i said catchers don’t grow on trees… that is unless you’re the Boston Red Sox… who have 3 young studs all great defensively (IMO) but all three can not produce the way Gary can…

Winner: Gary (i grew up on piazza and hundley i have a thing for catchers that can rake)


First base: Bird/ Voit  VS. Moreland/ Pearce:

I’m a first basemen till i die.. i dare you to even tell me otherwise… besides my mom and my two ladies their is nothing in this world i love more than playing that position.. i think about it every day of my life… with that said Bird and Voit almost give me that old yankee feeling… meaning i can’t stand their faces… i can’t put it to words so to quote the movie step brothers theirs something about their faces that make me want to punch it… clearly both are power houses and would make short work of the man who eats a sandwich once a week live on facebook… but if you ever wanted to see my dream play as a first baseman… look no further than the final play of the ALDS… Mr. Pearce you have my RE5PECT… (see what i did there) mikexsteve.com/re5pect


Winner: moreland/ Pearce 

The rest of the infield: (comparing like players not really individual positions)

Didi vs Bogaert

Bogaerts .288 avg 23 HR 103 RBI. unreal season. Didi .268 avg, 27 HR 86 RBI

Both tied in my heart and mind gun to head i go Didi only because he made you forget about a legend over night. the man took over for NUMBAH 2 and made him a distant memory… like a retired person in Florida…

Winner: Didi


Gleyber vs Brock:


Ok this is were it gets strange for me… I don’t personally know either of these men but Brock to me feels more like a 90’s “yankee villain”. it could be the yankee way vs the boston grow it out drink beer be a badass.. but i feel like Gleyber plays the game right… his stats show that and in the end has so much more room to grow.. and besides he just got his heart torn out from his chest on that last play… meanwhile Brock is headed to the ALCS and hit for the Cycle (and becomes the first player to ever do that)  Brock is winning the post season but Gleyber is winning this blog,

Winner: Gleyber Day

Andujar vs Devers

Devers is 21, Andujar is 23… both had amazing seasons.. both are young and both have a shot (gotta give them a SHOT!) to be a HUGE factors in the future… not just for their current team but for baseball….

Winner: tie    (go to mikexsteve.com/shop and get your teams colors) promo code MIKE $5 off

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I’m just gonna say who i would have an easier time rooting for and why and include the DH in this one….


  1. Benintendi (how could you not like this kid… i would love him on my team right now… i might be a little biased i met his aunt and she was nice to give me my first ever interview.. but thats how you make fans by being good people well done Andrew…
  2. Aaron Judge I got a feeling jeter created this guy in a lab somewhere… he’s a monster and the nicest monster in the world… if i had 5% of his talent i would be so full of myself… he’s just a great dude and a heck of a ball player….
  3. JD Martinez 43 homers .330!!!! batting average!! in this day and age of baseball this is unreal!
  4. Mookie Betts  another kid with MVP numbers and a good dude to boot….

Mike's Interview with Red Sox OF Andrew Benintendi's Aunt! On location right outside Fenway Park- Boston, MA. Michael C. Powers Ty Edwards Stephen Regolizio Ryan Attiya Mike Van Houten Kenn Roach

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She gave me a hug after saying she enjoys beating any team from NEW YORK!


Pitching:  im gonna treat it like the post season and go with a top 3 starters and a closer….

  1. Chris Sale: hes a monster team first guy.. could have easily chased a CY Young but took the time off to be sharp for the post season… hate it or love it the dudes not selfish.,,
  2. CC grab my nuts Sabathia… complete badass for what he did lost 500k for sticking up for his club… if the yanks don’t sign him next year come to queens…
  3. Tanaka: regardless of what happened in the post season… the mans a pitcher.. he reminds me of Pedro Martinez… i love watching him pitch…

Closer:  I have always hated Kimbrel since he was a brave… the only time i loved philly fans was the time they mocked this dude… like 30,000 people mocking him and it worked!! the man blew the game… i also can’t tip my cap to chapman although he is the only reason why the cubs ended the curse the man pitched every single game of that world series got used and abused like no other… but what ever happened that one night in his home makes me not won’t to cheer for him and he is very close to getting the “Clemens” treatment from me…



This is the struggle as a met fan the reason why tonight all you see are met fans posting on social media… with more force than if the mets had won the NLDS..  With winning comes the band wagoners and I’m sure the few people who caused havoc as “mets fans” in 2015 are now wearing pinstripes and throwing beers at rival fans.. with that said i want to focus on the real yankee fan.. the guy who has had more success in a lifetime than anyone could ever expect from a team but with that said the last two years.. A true yankee fan (my age) now knows the feeling of the Beltran caught looking… the Harvey 9th inning… the collapse the nightmares the tears….

Here are some actual quotes from true yankee fans after Boston defeated them:

“poor rookie dealing with this situation because Stanton couldn’t”  (i like this comment because it shows them protecting their youth and future”  I’m sure there was that “yankee” fan in the stadium yelling and cursing off Gleyber…. so to hear that from a real fan made me appreciate that…

“i want to se a line drive impale Kimbrells skull… i want it to hit so hard they have to surgically remove it” lol i love the pain…

” F Boston, F Kimbrell, and his stupid stance that makes him look like a vampire… and EFF Ron Darling” ok i let this one friend have it don’t mess with Ron bro… especially when you got Susan and Michael Kay..

Now to Boston… When you control most of our gens sports media you can skew the audience into pointing out the bad in your competition but cover up the ones you don’t want people to see.. Alot of player have gone into Boston and claimed to hear racial slurs. if this is true its 2018 cut that ish out… now with that said we spent a long weekend in Boston,, it felt like baseball and every single person made us feel like we belong..  our producer proclaimed his love for Boston and now felt he was a true baseball fan…

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Winner: boston fans (provided they stop the slurs)


I have expressed this from day one… I’m so happy that Boone is on the yankees and no longer on ESPN ruining my baseball experience… but thats what he lacked in this post season… it was like playing poker and not changing the way you bet as the table gets smaller… he managed this series like he was managing a full season.. i wonder if yankee fans want joe and the binder back?

Alex Cora: loved him as a player love him even more as a coach…

Winner: MR. Cora

In conclusion: i still have some inner hate for the yankees but as i get older i do feel like its going away a bit… the product is now a little more home grown but every so often they remind you how much money they have.. i would say that I’m jealous of that fact especially since the mets do not spend. Boston how ever reminds me of the Phillies still spending money but have loyal fans that live and die for them… they have lost so much before this last few decades of success.. so i feel for that fan that spend all or most of his life not seeing a winning product on the field..

Overall Winner: The New York Mets

Did you expect anything different??? lol LGM


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