1. Containing or covered with grit
  2. showing courage and resolve… you know what….go with the first one.

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The Philadelphia Flyers revealed their new mascot this week….and whether we liked it or not, the world got to meet Gritty. This seven foot, orange fuzzy creature was introduced to the city of Philadelphia and they have embraced him like one of their own. And it was hard not to. He looks exactly what you would expect a mascot from Philly to look like. It’s as if the spirit of Philly has manifested itself in a living breathing thing. The red messy hair all over. His eyes have that gleam in them….the type of gleam you give the police officer as he approaches your car reeking of weed. The disheveled clothes that look like he either found them on the street or has been sleeping there for a while. And let’s not forget the missing teeth. Let’s face it this heroin addicted excuse for a Muppet IS what makes Philly, Philly.

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But don’t be quick to grab the NARCAN, like most junkies he is harmless, and wildly entertaining. In his first week he has stolen all of our hearts with his antics. Breaking the internet with his social media,Slipping on the ice on his first day of the job, having a dance off with the Phillie Phanatic, pouring popcorn on any fan wearing the wrong jersey at Flyers games. He even got to live out a fantasy of mine….fighting Ricky Gervais. But what is making Gritty so great? Is it his personality? His social media presence? Does he just have the “new kid” hype? In order to look at why this walking Herpe is as contagious as the infectious disease itself we have to look at the most notable NHL mascots and see where they went wrong.

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LA Kings- Bailey- this 6 foot tall lion, wears number 72 because that’s the average temperature in LA. If only he knew that wasn’t something to brag about. He was the first of the mascots trying to throw shade at Gritty. Replying to a video Gritty tweeted of himself throwing popcorn on fans “You call that a popcorn dump.” Gritty was quick to respond “And it was almost as salty as you are.” Just like that Gritty shut down the king of the Jungle. For those keeping score at home…1-0 Gritty.

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NJ Devils-Jersey Devil- This 7 foot devil was first seen in the rafters of the then-Brendan Byrne Arena. Playing into the myth of the Jersey Devil, he does his best to keep the crowd excited, entertains young fans, signs autographs. He does all the things a real devil wouldn’t do. No pranks….no popcorn…..2-0 Gritty.

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Montreal Canadians- Youppi!- All Youppi is, is a hairy ginger candian, and has a personality to match…..NEXT.. 3-0 Gritty

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San Jose Sharks- S.J. Sharkie- This shark once had an incident rappelling from the rafters before a Sharks game and was left hanging there through pre game warm ups and player introductions. He even caused a 20 minute delay of game, hanging there like a real fish out of water. Gritty doesn’t need rope to get high….4-0 Gritty.

Even the Pittsburgh Penguin tried comming for Gritty…..5-0

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The point is we can go through all the NHL mascot, but they are all missing what the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot represents…GRIT. Is Gritty going to help the flyers win a Stanley Cup….absolutely not. But he will distract the fans from the horrid game play on the ice and for 60 minutes of game time the Donald Trump of mascots will lead this train right to the scene of the crash. So let go, let grit and never fear….In Gritty We Trust.




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