In an effort to get this blog off the ground, and to help the trillions of people that participate in the art of Fantasy Football, here’s a list of this year’s sleepers according to “us”…. And by “us”, I mean “me”… The show’s producer, Ty. Without the input of anybody else from the show….

Here’s my top sleepers this upcoming NFL season… If you’re participating in any drafts with me, DO NOT draft any of these players… Actually, don’t read this list… Move along… nothing to see here…

  1. Sam Darnold (QB / NYJ)

    • The man of the hour. Sam Darnold is the truth, you heard it here first… Or 2nd or 3rd, I’m not sure. Regardless this man has all the talent to finish top 10 for fantasy QBs… Yes, I said it. But the real reason I think he will have a better-than-expected fantasy season is the weapons around him. The Jets are the Mets of the NFL, but they finally have a team this season to be proud of. Robby Anderson has proved he’s reliable and extremely underrated. Terrelle Pryor has shown plenty of flashes of potential, and I believe he still has a ways to go in developing his receiver skills. Remember this guy came out of college as a QB! Additionally, receivers Kearse and Enunwa are no slouches either. Their TE position is really weak this year after losing Seferian-Jenkins to the Jags this off-season, but I still expect big things from Darnold this season.
  2. Chris Godwin (WR / TB)

    • Quick disclaimer: I’m a Buccaneers fan… But that doesn’t negate the fact that Chris Godwin is in-line for a huge fantasy year. Believe it or not, Godwin is the true #2 receiver in the Bucs offense behind Mike Evans. As a rookie last season he showed a lot of promise. Now in his 2nd season, he has evolved and ready to take a larger role in the offense. With Mike Evans drawing double coverage, and Desean Jackson requiring deep help from the defense, Godwin is free to roam the field and find his spots. The coaching staff has raved about him and it’s no secret he’ll be heavily involved in the offense. He will outproduce his current ADP tremendously.
  3. Adrian Peterson (RB / WAS)

    • How crazy is it to see this guy as a sleeper! Adrian Peterson a sleeper!? Who would have ever thunk? Peterson was signed by the Redskins after rookie RB phenom Derrius Guice suffered a torn ACL in preseason. The Redskins still have other backs on the roster that currently appear above AP on the depth chart (Chris Thompson and Rob Kelly). I just don’t see how they could start these guys over AP after a strong preseason showing. They have to give AP the chance to start, he’s too talented not to. What he does with the opportunity is up-in-the-air. But if I had to bet my money, I would bet on AP having a very solid season and getting close to 1,000 yards! Yes! 1,000 yards from AP! All signs point to him outproducing his current ADP. 
  4. Kerryon Johnson (RB / DET)

    • I’ve seen this guy getting a lot more praise recently. This rookie is set to start for the Lions, and is being compared by some to this year’s Kareem Hunt. The Lions also acquired LeGarrette Blount this offseason which could eat into the rookies carries to start the season. Blount proves to be ultra reliable, so if he has a hot start, it could significantly eat into Johnson’s numbers. I still like the chances of this rookie proving his worth and taking majority of the touches from the RB group this season. He sure as hell has the talent to produce and the Lions traded up to take him, I think they plan on giving him the keys to the offense.
  5. Frank Gore (RB / MIA)

    • Old reliable. Frank Gore is on a different team and behind the young-buck Kenyan Drake on the depth chart. However recently Dolphins head coach Adam Gase called Frank Gore a “co-starter”… Meaning you should expect both these guys to get a good usage %. Frank Gore is obviously much more experienced and I still haven’t notice this guy lose a step… I don’t get it. I need to know his secret. With Coach Gase confirming Gore will be heavily utilized, I have to expect good numbers from the veteran back. Draft Frank Gore with confidence again this year.


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