Here’s a thought experiment. Can a pitcher win the Cy Young with a .500 or below record? Can a pitcher be so good that’s he’s without question the best in the league and not have the wins to show for it?

To that point I give you Exhibit A: Jacob Anthony deGrom. deGrom is having the season of a lifetime. Name one pitcher that’s having a better season than him. Go ahead I’ll wait….. See you can’t do it can you? deGrom has been just about unbeatable this season. Wait… He’s 8-8? Oh that’s right, he plays for The Mets, and The Mets have let him down time and time again this year.

In today’s game when the bullpen pitches more innings than ever, deGrom is the closest thing to the exception to the rule. 17 of his 28 starts have been 7 innings or more. All but 3 have been 6+. You may be saying to yourself, “I’m not impressed. That’s no big deal”. If it’s not then why am I writing this? Why are you even reading it? Wait that doesn’t mean stop, I’m just getting to the best part.

PURE DOMINANCE. Right now Jake is on a streak of 25 straight games giving up 3 earned runs or less. That’s a major league record. Still not impressed? During that span he’s only given up 3 earned runs 4 times, and 2 earned runs another 4 times. The rest of his starts? One earned run or less.

With stats like that, how is he possibly 8-8 you ask? Well let me drop a little knowledge on you. Of his 19 starts where he only gave up 1 run or less, he has 6 wins. SIX!? At times the bullpen could shoulder a lot of the blame but this offense goes into the witness protection program when he takes the mound. It got so bad the Mike’s boy Todd Fraizer even apologized to him. And he should. They all should. The offense has gotten so bad he’s resorted to having to score his own runs. He has 9 starts where he’s gone 6+ innings while giving up 1 run or fewer without getting the win. Those are the most such starts in MLB history. Historic seasons like this don’t come along everyday folks.

Ok I know, I know. I’m starting to sound biased, and that’s because I am. But he’s so good it doesn’t matter. I do like to be fair though, so I’ll talk about the competition for a second. Max Scherzer and Aaron Nola are having great seasons. See for yourself:

NL Cy Young Race:
Max Scherzer WAS:
16-6 / 2.28 ERA / 29 GS / 1 CG / 1 SHO / 193.2 IP / 49 ER / 21 HR / 46 BB / 260 SO / .88 WHIP
Aaron Nola PHI:
15-3 / 2.23 ERA / 28 GS / 0 CG / 0 SHO / 181.2 IP / 45 ER / 11 HR / 49 BB / 188 SO / .97 WHIP
Jacob deGrom NYM:
8-8 / 1.68 ERA / 28 GS / 1 CG / 0 SHO / 188.0 IP / 35 ER / 9 HR / 42 BB / 230 SO / .96 WHIP

In any other year, guys like Nola and Scherzer would be sure fire Cy Young winners. But the numbers don’t lie. On a day in and day out basis deGrom has just been better. He’s been the best. Better than all the rest. You can be a naysayer and a denier all you want but when the stars of the game agree, who are you say different? Just watch him and you see for yourself. Hurry up though, the seasons almost over.

And with that I nominate Jacob deGrom for Presid…… I mean the Cy Young!!!!


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