THANK YOU for being here. If you started with us on our journey, consider yourself a “loyal multiplier”.

Back in May 2018, we announced this podcast and our intentions of world domination. You are now seeing the rollout of Phase 2.

Welcome to the MikexSteve blog, where you can take-in our sketchy sports knowledge via the written (or typed) word.

If you’ve listened to any of our episodes, you’ll know we are a little goofy. We are far from conventional. We are controversial. We are redefining the sports talk genre. Our segments are thought-provoking and scattered-brained. Our hosts choose to be Mets fans when there’s a baseball team 1000x better in the same city. That pretty much sums it up.

Here, we will expand on some of our show topics. We will provide deeper insight into our minds and give our thoughts on the latest sports happenings. Let’s talk some baseball, (fantasy) football, Tiger Woods (golf), and other sh*t that’s very loosely based on sports.

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